I began my chiropractic care with Dr. Brown and his staff on Monday, November 13/ 2017 after a 10 day stretch of lower back pain and stiffness. As I got ready for work on Monday morning, I found myself crippled with muscle spasms in my lower back and hip area; that caused my knees to buckle. I immediately began looking for a Chiropractor that could see me as early as possible. I had a previous history of chiropractic care so I knew where I did NOT want to go.

My son-in-law recommended I go see his chiropractor, Dr. Chad Brown.

Dr. Brown and his staff have been great!

After x-rays and a thorough evaluation, , he talked to me about my back issues and how best to treat me. We began treatment that same day.

Dr. Brown had me back on my feet and feeling great in just a few days, however, I foolishly took a road trip way to soon and found myself in pain again and afraid to move. Having had surgery for a ruptured disc years ago, I was afraid that I had ruptured again. Dr. Brown immediately took steps to have my fears either confirmed or relieved. He ordered an MRI at my request and set me up with a neurologist. My Neurologist confirmed that there was no ruptured disc and recommended I continue with the chiropractic care. Dr. Brown listened to my fears and concerns about my pain and acted in MY best interest even when it meant referring me to another doctor, (who sent me back to Dr. Brown).

I am back on my feet and feeling GREAT thanks to the quality care I am receiving from Dr.Brown and his friendly, professional staff. I always look forward to seeing Honey, Polly, McKenzie, and of course Dr. Chad. It almost feels like I'm visiting family when I come in. They all genuinely care about their patients and it shows.

I will continue to maintain the health of my back/neck with Dr. Brown and his staff for years to come.

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